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AQF Adjustable Skipping Speed Rope


  • Why AQF Speed Rope: Increase the heart rate, burn calories, enhance coordination with our super-lightweight plastic handle dual ball bearing PVC coated steel wire skipping jump rope. Smooth, near frictionless motion. Ideal for cross fit, multiple double under and competitive speed jumping.
  • Ergonomic & Non-Slip Handles: AQF cable speed jump rope features balanced ultralight plastic polymer handles, with nonslip finish and added dimples to the grip to help keep the hands slipping, offers safe grip for sweaty hands.
  • Premium Dual Ball Bearing: The handles incorporate 360 rotating premium dual ball bearings for smooth effortless motion, incredibly fast and better spin efficiency. Suitable for extreme speed workouts, boxers, and mixed martial artists (MMA fighters) or Interval and circuit training.
  • Easy Adjustable Rope: The rope is 3 meters long and 2.6 mm in diameter, the steel wire is coated with durable PVC material, is tangle free. It has a quick and easy adjustable length mechanism using a screw on the cable. Includes drawstring storage bag, optional protector for outdoor use but not intended for use on abrasive surfaces. Suitable for use on carpet or gym mat.
  • Anyone, Anywhere & Anytime: Jumping rope is one of the most fun and creative forms of fitness available. You do not need any special equipment or to be at a specific location and can be done at a time that suits you. Skipping is an effective way of burning calories, 15 minutes of skipping is the equivalent of 30 minutes of Jogging. No LIMITS!