Tips for Choosing the Right Boxing Gloves for Beginners!

Boxing these days is one of the greatest charms among youngsters, especially boys. It is the rising sport these days. The essential tool for this is Boxing gloves. Without these, one cannot enjoy the period of sport to a greater extent. Let’s proceed to some fun facts and tips for beginners to buy boxing gloves.

When choosing the right boxing gloves, there are several important things to keep in mind or else your decision can affect your performance. There are thousands of brands and companies who provide high variety of boxing gloves. Among them is one of the best known as AQF Sports and reasons to consider it for buying boxing gloves are many.

Boxing gloves have many features that should be taken into consideration while buying. Size, weight, color, texture, material, fitting, etc. matter a lot. Let’s take a look at how these features matter.


More variety is in leather and vinyl. For beginners and kids, it’s better to choose vinyl as they are cheaper and easier to handle, though leather ones are more durable and last for longer.

Weight and Size

Size should be according to your hands as each hand varies from person to person. Small, medium and large sizes are available. After this, choose the one of which you can carry the weight. Weight varies with types, like training and sparing gloves weight 12oz to 20oz, so choose according to your purpose. Here is a table below for your help.

Hand weight

Hand Circumference

Weight Size of Gloves

40-54 kg

5.5” - 6.5”

8 oz

54-68 kg

6.5” - 7.5”

10 oz

68-84 kg

7.5” - 8.5”

12 oz

84+ kg

8.5” - 9.5”

14 oz


Closure kinds

Gloves have Velcro closing or Lace-up. Velcro is recommended for training and heavy bag practice. Lace-up is used for professional use as they avoid slippage.

Hand Wraps or Inner Gloves

Hand wraps are required before the original gloves. These are essential to use as gloves alone cannot provide perfect protection. The material used for these is shock absorbent and provides a firm fist.

Types of Gloves

Types of gloves also matter equally. There is always a specific type for each purpose. Here are a few types of Gloves that you will see everywhere.

      Bag Gloves

          These gloves have the basic purpose of protecting your hand when you hit the bag. There are two types of such gloves;

            •    Classic Bag Gloves
            •    Modern Bag Gloves

              The only difference in these gloves is padding. Classic is not suggested as it does not help in applying the proper technique as it does not provide proper support and cushion. Always prefer Modern gloves.

                Sparring Gloves

                  These gloves are specially designed for fighting. They protect you and your opponent from heavy injuries. Sparring gloves have more cushioning properties regardless of their weight.

                    Training Gloves

                      These gloves are mainly for training purposes. Some are soft only for starters and few are quite heard for further training. These are perfect for starters to get a good grip and hold of boxing.

                        Fighting Gloves

                          These gloves have smaller padding and are more compact to hurt. This is their only purpose and is dangerous enough for injuries.

                            Cardio Gloves

                              Cardio gloves are used for hitting heavy mitts and bags, so they have thick padding to absorb the impact.

                                Kick Boxing Gloves

                                These gloves are going global and more popular with improved quality. These are more flexible than training and sparring gloves.

                                Boxing is not restricted to boys only but is also increasing as an interest among girls too. Girls are keener to focus on the colours and beauty of products which is also not behind in any case on different platforms.

                                Searching gloves is a hectic task but many platforms bring this in easier ways. Hold back to your couch grabbing a cup of your favorite coffee and slide through sites that provides easy surfing to you. Save your traveling time to perform your responsibilities in a better way.

                                There is no doubt that you might switch to other products that aid boxing too. These may include costumes, shoes, etc. Always keep in mind all the points discussed above when choosing your Boxing Gloves. Good luck fighters!